The "Bear Tough" Warranty
goes to great lengths to provide your home with a warranty that is 50%-80% longer than our competition. The Bear tough warranty covers your roof over for 5 years and your tear off roof for 8 years. This means that we cover 100% of the cost of fixing any leaks on your roof, other than those caused by natural disaster during this period. In short, anything we do or neglect to do that causes a leak is covered during this period.

Why even high winds won't hurt a Bear Roof.
Bear Roofs believes in using the maximum factory recommendations of the most reputable shingle companies.
This means 1 " nails with a minimum (4) nails per shingle and a maximum (6) nails per shingle. Most importantly, the placement of the nails is exactly where they are supposed to be.

100% Fully Transferable Warranty
This means if you sell your house during the warranty period even the new homeowners are still covered by the Bear Tough warranty.

Why Such A Long Warranty?
The question should be, why not? If you do the job right the first time, there shouldn't be any reason not to warranty your work.eting to display samples and warranty information.
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