1. Proper Ventilation - is an absolute necessity to long lasting roof. Inadequate ventilation can cut your roof life by as much as 60%. The most efficient and cost effective system is the venta-ridge system. Power vents and turbines can be effective if properly placed and designed but do not cover a very big area. It is our goal to try and get 1 to 2 times the manufacturers recommended ventilation. This works to protect the shingle from becoming brittle and drying out. A shingle is designed to take a lot of heat from the top but not from underneath. Proper ventilation will also work to greatly decrease your attic temperature and thus cooling bill.

  2. Nailing Patterns and Nails - We use a minimum 1 galvanized roofing nail with a minimum 5-7 nail pattern for architectural shingle. Absolutely no staples, 3/4 nails or deficient patterns.

  3. Valley Flashing - 29 gage valley flashing in all valleys. We never rely on old valley flashing.
    Wall flashing - 26 gage 4 by 4 hemmed wall flashing wedged to the roof without nail holes and always run underneath the siding.
  4. Grind in Masonry Flashing - 26 gage grind in counter flashing on brick and mortar applications
  5. Felt - we always apply new felt to any roof we tear off. I cant believe this is even an issue but it is.
  6. Geocel (no Roofing Bull) -
    Roofing Bull rating 6 mos. Cost $30.00/ gallon
    Geocel rating 50 yrs. Cost $ 500/gallon

    We use Geocel where others use Roofing Bull

  7. All Closed Valleys - look better, work better

  8. Plumbing Boots - galvanized base and double booted to resist cracking w/ Geosil bond

  9. Vent Stacks - always reworked and painted

  10. Roof Decking and Framing - every Bear roofing crew has a master carpenter on site to handle carpentry issues.

  11. Dead Valley Pans a dead valley is a spot on a pitched roof that pools water because of little or no pitch. Many roofers attempt to fix this with thin valley metal or roofing bull. We use 24 gauge metal and if necessary ice and water shield. Again this is a little more costly in the short run but much less so in the long run.

  12. Plumbing boots galvanized base with 2 rubberized gaskets so that the bottom gasket is protected from weather.

Of course we run into challenges outside the scope of this document but those too will be addressed by your estimator and in writing in your contract. We provide fully detailed contracts for a reason; typically, in our business, when it is not written it is not done. All of the criteria we have posted above result in higher initial costs for your contractor.

Often times other roofing bids will have a tiny paragraph under the bottom line price that basically states they can charge whatever they want for certain extras after the job begins. You will find those extras typically involve a few of the points we have discussed on this page. Funny is a roof that does not leak really an extra?

Feel free to check out our contracts page to see examples.

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